Ready To Ride

| Tue 16th Jun 2020 13:22

Are you ready to ride?

Perhaps you’ve got a new bike? Or maybe you’ve recently wheeled your old one out from the back of the shed? With all the excitement of hitting the road or trails it’s easy to overlook some essentials that will not only make your ride more enjoyable, but may save your ride entirely. Check out our simple guide below to ensure you have everything covered.


Buying a new bike is the perfect time to update your helmet. Bicycle helmets degrade over time and should be replaced every 3-5 years depending on use and how they are stored. Any helmet that has visible damage or has sustained an impact should be replaced immediately. Using your old favorite you bought 6 years ago is not a good idea, replace it and don’t take an unnecessary risk. Modern helmets range from basic but effective options, to high-tech, well vented, lightweight models with added safety features such as MIPS.

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Cycle Jerseys

Cycling clothing doesn't have to be skin tight, of course it can be but these days a cycling jersey can look just like a well cut t-shirt but still be effective. Modern cycling tops keep you comfortable thanks to their synthetic fabrics that are lightweight, encourage breathability and are hard wearing, none of the things that a cotton tee-shirt is known for.

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Saddle Bags

Be prepared for whatever the trail throws at you with a fully loaded Saddle Bag. Depending on how much cargo you wish to carry, saddle bags are available in multiple sizes. Smaller saddle bags will fit a tube, CO2 cartridge and probably enough change for a flat-white but not a lot else. You could load a larger saddle bag with multiple spare tubes, CO2 canisters, tyre levers, allen keys, spoke key, and enough change for a 4 course meal! Leave your saddle bag on your bike so you know you’re always carrying the essentials when you reach for your bike.

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Bike Lights

Did you know that 80% of accidents between a bike and car happen during the day? Much like a modern car with daytime running lights, it’s suggested cyclists also use front and rear daytime lights to be more visible on the roads. These days a good light can be seen from kilometers away and provide multiple hours of light, keeping you safe day or night. Outside of merely meeting the legal requirements, lights these days can incorporate a wide range of technologies, fitment types, run times and of course brightness. To hit the road you’ll want good front and rear lights, with sufficient run time for your adventures, and enough candlepower for where you’ll be heading. If you’re headed away from town to an unlit area, a higher powered front light with separate battery would be worth considering.

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Bottle Cages

Hydration is key to enjoying any bike ride and a bottle cage is the most cost effective way to carry your drink. Bottle cages differ in colour, material, weight, and how securely they hold the bottle. It’s worth considering how long your rides may be and determining if a hydration pack or belt may be a good addition to simply a drink bottle.

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Cycle Computers

From the basic bike computer that offers the bare essentials of speed and time, to a high-end unit with GPS, Maps, heart rate, smart phone compatibility and much more, there is literally a bike computer to suit every need and budget.

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Bike Shorts

Padded lycra shorts are obligatory when road cycling, but did you realise many mountain bikers secretly have a lycra style ‘liner’ hidden under their baggy MTB shorts? Worn with no underwear, the padded liner helps prevent chafing, wicks sweat, and of course adds a layer of cushion between your saddle and you. MTB “baggies” are knee length, breathable, and made of lightweight but sturdy material. Different brands and models and tailored differently to suit the style of riding and rider position. Numbers of pockets, and their placement will vary, as will the closure of the short.

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Drink Bottles

Once you have decided which bottle cage best suits your bike, the next big decision is which drink bottle to choose. Options include size, colour, and valve/closure style.

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Correct tyre pressure is vital to get the most out of your cycling. It’s important to check tyre pressures before beginning a ride. Too lower pressure may make handling dangerous, and too higher pressure will mean a rougher ride and possible traction issues, so be sure to check with an Evo Crew member to find out the best pressure for your bike. The best way to make sure everything is in tip top shape is to use a Track Pump while at home, and if you need to top up pressures on the go, or repair a puncture - a bottle cage mounted mini pump is ideal.

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Bike Shoes

Efficiency, protection and traction are all things a purpose built bike riding shoe has over a regular running shoe. Riding shoes are equipped with a stiffer sole than regular shoes, offering more direct power transfer, better comfort while riding, and improved safety as it’s less likely your foot will slip on the pedals. Two types of riding shoes are available, with pedals to match. Flat shoes are designed with the use of flat pedals in mind (ie no clip) their primary function is to offer traction when on the pedal. Besides traction, flat shoes will offer varying levels of protection and breathability, as well as better power transfer with their firmer sole. Clip in shoes are designed to clip into a “Clipless” pedal and provide maximum pedalling efficiency. Clip in shoes have a sole much stiffer than a Flat style shoe, providing better power transfer. Holes are positioned under the ball of the foot to mount the cleat that physically clips into the pedal, these cleats are supplied with the pedals. The rubber portions of the sole don’t need to offer the same level of traction as a Flat shoe because rather than the rubber, the cleat is what keeps the shoe on the pedal. Most riders begin their riding with flat shoes and pedals, and eventually progress to the Clip in style. Depending on riding style or preference some people will remain on Flat style shoes and pedals.

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