A Tale of Triumph and Growth: Evo's Journey in the BNZ Grassroots Trust Velodrome Corporate Challenge

Paige Wyatt | Thu 15th Jun 2023 14:52

A team-building experience like no other! The Grassroots Trust Corporate Challenge is a 7 week process that transforms participants into track cycling rock stars. Weekly coaching sessions culminate with teams from various companies competing in a thrilling track cycling event. Evo put forward two teams this May and this is their tale…

The atmosphere is filled with friendly rivalry and personal development as teams have undergone six weeks of training to prepare for their races. This process of coaching and regular training has transformed many competitors from complete novices, who have never experienced track cycling before, into confident riders ready to tackle race day.

In the 2023 event, Evo entered two teams into the challenge: the experienced Evo Kaisers and the ambitious underdogs known as Chafing the Dream.

Evo Kaisers: Experience Takes the Lead

The Evo Kaisers, comprising seasoned cyclists including Wayne Mason, Josh Page, Richie Stratford, Caden Van De Laak, and Rory Spong, brought a wealth of cycling experience with them. They were a formidable force. Although they had years of training on bikes, they had only six weeks to adapt to this new discipline on the track. The Evo Kaisers not only aimed to do their best but also sought to encourage and support their colleagues, sharing their passion for the sport.

We were definitely a random collection of experience, from MTB, Road and BMX we only really had Wayne and Rory with true track experience. In 6 weeks we went from a wee bit of a shambles to a tight formation improving our fastest time each week we practised. Huge thanks to our coaches Bunny and Anna for getting the lads dialled"

- Josh Page

Chafing the Dream: A Journey of Development and Growth

In contrast to the Kaisers, Chafing the Dream was a relatively inexperienced team consisting of Jo Price, Rhys Dunn, Nic Magill, and Paige Wyatt. With the exception of Nic, this team lacked both experience and confidence on the track. However, with the support of their more seasoned peers, their goal was to enter the track, learn to ride, and hopefully not finish in last place.

Our team came in with low expectations and finished up with one of the fastest times of the day. Amazing work when three quarters of us had never ridden on the track before. The whole challenge was a lot of fun, and we’re all ready to see how much faster we can go in 2024"

- Nic Magill

As race day approached, the teams felt confident about their respective events. The Evo Kaisers would race in the men's Italian pursuit, while Chafing the Dream would compete in the mixed Italian pursuit.

An Italian Pursuit is a 1km team race where each team drops a rider at the completion of each lap until only one rider per team remains for the final lap. The team with the fastest time emerges as the winner. For this particular event, teams were limited to an 81" gear to level the playing field.

The Race to the Finish Line:

With their experience and tactical prowess, the Evo Kaisers took out the men's division, securing a victory and inspiring their colleagues and competitors in the process. Their cohesive teamwork and ability to adapt to the velodrome prove invaluable as they left their competitors behind setting the fastest time for the day.

Chafing the Dream, despite their lack of experience, surprises everyone with their dedication and rapid improvement. After reaching an early peak and climbing to 2nd place, a crash involving the competing team in the finals caused their ranking to crash with it, missing the podium on the day.

Chafing the Dream's journey from relative novices to a competitive team demonstrates the transformative power of perseverance, proving that passion and commitment can bridge the gap between inexperience and achievement.

Beyond the racing, this challenge highlights the significance of teamwork and personal growth. The participating crew showcases the importance of working towards a common goal and the powerful impact of a positive cultural environment when it comes to achieving tasks. For Evo, the Corporate Challenge brought together a group of individuals passionate about cycling in different ways, whether it was competing on race day or supporting each other at the event tent by manning the BBQ, peddling the blender, and offering mutual support throughout the day. These individuals demonstrated their passion for the cycling industry and showcased the diverse range of success within the realm of modern sports.