Bike Rack Buying Guide

What's the right rack for your vehicle? Here are a few key things to consider.

1. Mounting Type

There are so many different ways to mount your bike to your vehicles. The best bike rack for you is going to be determined by your vehicle, the number of bikes you want to carry, the weight of these bikes and your personal preferences. The most common bike rack types are:

2. Number of Bikes

How many bikes do you want to be able to carry? Racks are typically available to hold 2-4 bikes, however if you are wanting to roof mount your bike you are often limited to 1-2.

3. Weights of the Bikes

It is crucial that your rack is able to handle the weight of your bikes to avoid damage to both your bikes and your vehicle. Make sure you take into account the combined weight of all your bikes that you will transport at any one time. Electric bikes can weigh significantly more than normal bikes - there are special racks designed for their weights. You can check out our range of racks suited for electric bikes here.

Additional Things to Consider

There are even more options to consider such as whether or not you want a locking mechanism, if you're transporting your bike with the wheel on or off, how high you want to have to lift your bikes.

If you are using a towball or hitch mounted rack it's crucial that you make sure that the rack is designed to work with your towball or hitch type. Make sure you check the rack specifications, or the manufacturers website.

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Safety Tips

We recommend using straps to make you have everything down tight so the bikes won’t move. Extra straps are always a good idea too, just in case you lose some!
You must keep the wheels well above the exhaust system to prevent the heat from melting tires and popping tubes.
Your bike rack and bikes can obscure your vehicles number plate and you can be pulled over by the police for this. We recommend you pop into NZTA and order a supplmentary number plate. There is only a small charge and it will be sent out to you. You could always put something up temporary until this plate arrives!
We recommend taking these off as it is extra weight and could come loose and do some serious damage. Carry these inside the car with the keys to the bike.
Avoid driving into the garage with your bike on the roof! One trick that might help is placing the garage remote control in a cycling glove. Hopefully when you see the glove, it should trigger you to remember that there’s a bike on top before you enter the garage!
Always make sure Allen keys are tight. Greasing the bolts can help. If the rack is still moving check the towball is tight on the tongue.
Make sure you check your bike rack maximum weight allowance if you’re carrying extra bikes or e-bikes.
We recommend you regularly check the rack installation. It can loosen over time and you definitely do not want the rack flying off on the highway! Make sure the bolts and attachments are snug, inspect all components, and apply lube to parts that may rust or corrode. For rear racks, make sure the pads are still in place and protecting the car.
We recommend you stop occasionally on trips to check the bikes and rack. Don’t neglect to protect your precious cargo at stops - if you don’t have a lock, leave someone with the car or park next to a window so you can keep an eye out.