Traditional Servicing: You drop off and pick up from Evo

Fill in the online booking form
We will notify you of a time / date to drop your bike off at Evo with further instructions
Evo will work on the bike, complete the service and send an invoice for payment
We will notify you of an alloted time to pick up your bike from Evo. Follow the instructions carefully.

Stay At Home: Evo picks up and drops off to you

Fill in the online booking form
Evo will work out a collection time with you and then and come and collect your bike
Evo will work on the bike, complete the service and send an invoice for payment
Once payment has been made, we will notify you when drop off will be within 2 delivery windows 10-12 & 2-4pm
Evo will drop off your serviced bike in the delivery window

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Please note that selecting Warranty Assessment isn't a confirmation that it is Warranty, an assessment and a subsequent determination will need to be made by a suitably qualified BIcycle Service technician. Please note wearable parts are generally considered wear and tear.

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Please note jobs that have photos provided mean that a more accurate indication fo service level can be advised.

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Estimates of the fee will be between $25-$50 depending on how booked the selected location is
$25 charge within 15km
$25 charge within 15km

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Due to health and safety requirements, we require that all ebikes that are brought in for servicing are accompanied with the key, so our mechanics can remove the battery if required. We are unable to progress with any servicing on an ebike without the key.

PLEASE NOTE IT MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO GET BACK TO YOU DEPENDING ON THE LOCATION. If your job is really urgent we would highly suggest selecting "ASAP" under job urgency and ticking yes to the "Are you willing to pay an urgent fee to move up the queue" estimates of the fee will be between $25-$50 depending on how booked the selected location is.

I understand that time frames proposed, and discussed are subject to change due to subsequent work that needs to be completed on bike if necessary &/or due to delays of obtaining parts required from suppliers.

I understand that this form is not a confirmation of booking but rather a request for work to be completed on my bike/s. EVO will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable time for Pickup/Delivery/Dropoff, or if you are already in store that you are leaving your bike at the showroom with the full knowledge that the Service Crew will contact you with a confirmation of when the work is being completed.

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Could you service all of New Zealand's bikes at once?

Probably not, and neither can we!

Due to an overwhelming demand, our service centres are currently slammed! Fill out the form and we'll be in touch with you when we have some booking slots become available.

Need your job done urgently? We have an urgent option where you can be brought forward in the queue for a fee.