Say Goodbye to Shuttle Rash: Introducing RockyMounts Bike Racks

In partnership RockyMounts NZ | Wed 8th May 2024 09:50

RockyMounts are new to the NZ market with a range of premium bike racks for your car, truck, towbar or roof. RockyMounts bike racks are particularly known for being secure, strong and versatile. Their innovative solutions to common bike transport problems such as hitch wobble, frame rub, and vehicle boot access set them apart from other rack option. Read more to find out is a RockyMounts rack is the best choice to get you to the next ride, destination, or big adventure.

Transporting multiple bikes by car can be a nail-biting experience for any rider. The dreaded shuttle rash—those pesky rub marks, scratches, and paint gouges caused by bikes bumping and rubbing against racks or each other during transit—is a familiar headache. We've all tried our fair share of makeshift solutions, from old inner tubes to assorted bungees, in a bid to protect our precious cargo. But fear not, because RockyMounts has arrived to put an end to shuttle rash once and for all.

Now available in New Zealand, RockyMounts is making waves with its innovative bike racks designed to prevent frame damage and eliminate the hassles of bikes touching each other during transport. RockyMounts innovative designs prioritize quality and bike protection, ensuring that your two-wheeled companions arrive at your destination unscathed.

What sets RockyMounts Hitch Racks apart from the rest are the subtle yet significant features, with their premium 3-axis anti-wobble system leading the pack. Designed to eliminate play and vibration, this system works with the locking bolt to create three points of solid contact between the rack and hitch. The result? A rock-solid connection that eliminates play and vibration, extending the life of your Hitch Rack and instilling confidence in every journey.

With RockyMounts hitch racks, you can bid farewell to frame or fork contact. Our dual load arms and tiered racking on the GuideRail and AfterParty allow for asymmetric bike loading, preventing handlebar interference and maintaining a sleek aesthetic that complements your vehicle's design seamlessly.

But that's not all. The HighNoon rack is the perfect choice for bikes with fenders, providing ample clearance and protection from frame rub.

Worried about accessing your vehicle's rear cargo area with a rack installed? Don't be. All RockyMounts hitch racks are designed to move out of the way effortlessly, so you can retrieve your gear with ease, even if you accidentally leave your keys in the boot.

Whether you're embarking on a rugged mountain trail or cruising along scenic coastal roads, RockyMounts has your back with a premium range of bike racks ensuring that shuttle rash becomes a distant memory and allowing you to focus on the ride ahead.

So say goodbye to the days of struggling to load bikes safely and hello to worry-free adventures with RockyMounts. Your bikes deserve the best, and with our innovative racks, you can trust that they'll arrive at your destination unblemished and ready for action. Happy trails!

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Rocky Mounts GuideRail folds flat against the vehicle, and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access.
Easy adjust lever allows quick switching between rack positions.
RockyMounts Anti-Wobble Technology: as you tighten the hitch bolt, it anchors via a parallel bolt, an internal block and ball to create 3 points of contact in the hitch.
Integrated security features are found on most RockyMounts racks.