The New 2022 Trek Session Has Arrived

Pete Marshall | Fri 9th Apr 2021 03:00

The Trek Session has been updated for 2022 with a new suspension design, revised geometry and different wheel combinations to make for a faster and more capable downhill bike!

The Trek Session 1st appeared in 2005 and since has been a success at the UCI and World Cup circuits resulting in many World Cup champions and dominating year after year at Redbull Rampage. Amongst the highlights 2016 saw a perfect season for Rachel Atherton onboard her Session winning her every UCI race and Reece Wilson took World Champion in 2020.

The Session has seen several revisions released over the years and the bike is now back for 2022 with some huge updates that make it faster and more versatile than ever!

A New Suspension Design

The New 2022 Trek Session gets a new High Pivot Suspension Design that gives the bike a rearward axle path. This means the wheel can move with the rearward force created by bumps instead of against it. This allows for a smoother ride and more traction allowing the bike to carry better speed and more momentum. 

An Idler Pulley has been added to the suspension design and reduces pedal kickback by more than 300% compared to the 2018 Model. Pedal kickback is the result of chain growth that is caused when the suspension compresses. When the suspension compresses the top of the chain line cannot grow, the added tension causes the cranks to rotate backwards – this is known as pedal kickback. Pedal kickback can limit the suspension from working freely allowing for a harsh ride. The idler pulley virtually eliminates the chain growth and its negative effects.

Suspension Mino Link

Another new feature to the 2022 Trek Session is the introduction of the new Suspension Mino Link. The Suspension Mino Link allows you to easily adjust the progression of the rear suspension. This allows riders to pick between a firmer 25% progression for racing and smoother trails or a plusher 20% for park riding and rougher trails.

The session still comes with the existing Mino Link for geometry changes and the Active Braking Pivot (ABP).

Different Wheel Configurations

While the 2022 Session comes with 29” wheels standard, you can now run the bike with 27.5” wheels or even as a Mullet setup. To run 27.5” wheels you need to put the Mino Link into the “High” position and install the EXT Headset cup. To run a Mullet set 27.5"/29” (business in the front, party in the back), all you need is the Mino Link in the “High” position.

Reach Based Sizing and improved geometry

The 2022 Session sizing is based on Reach, this is so riders can suit a size based on their riding style. Size up for more stability or size down for more maneuverability. Each size will come with its own differently sized chain stay so that the bike is better balanced. For riders unsure on Reach size, Trek gives recommendations based on rider height.

The 2022 Session comes with improved geometry for better handling and a more confident ride.

Frame Protection and Cable Routing

The Session comes with full length dual density downtube armour and an improved dual density chain stay guard to protect the bike from rock hits and other impacts. Both the downtube and chain stay armour is easily removable.

The frame has improved cable routing with the option of internally or externally routing for better protection and ease of service.

The 2022 Trek Session will be available in New Zealand as the complete Session 8 or as Frame only. Evo Cycles has Trek Session 8 complete bikes available for preorder now.

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