AVID FR-5 Lever Set

Brake Levers | Product Code: S3-5185

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Making brakes that slow down a bike is easy. But making them light, powerful, efficient, adjustable and ergonomically perfect for your hand takes a lot of experience and smart design. That's the stuff that Avid® has made look so easy for 17 years

Developed to work seamlessly with the Ball Bearing Disc Brake, it’s the most affordable way to add Avid quality and compatibility to your disc or rim brake system.

Features & Benefits

  • Ambidextrous
  • Aluminum Handle Light weight and strong
  • Flat Rate Cable Pull Linear actuation
  • Compact Length Allows 1 or 2 finger use
  • Bend Zone™ Designed to bend the handle, not damage the body
  • Reach Adjuster Fits any sized hand
  • Finish Silver or Black
  • Weight 155 grams