Fox Proframe Body Armour

Protective Gear | Product Code: S3-20305

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Shred the trail 24/7 without worrying about the consequences thanks to Fox Racing's Proframe LC Roost Deflector. Lightweight and so slim it fits easily without compromising performance, it offers unrivalled protection on for aggressive trail rides.

Slim and sleek full body coverage is the Proframe's game. The Proframe is the only roost guard of its type that is 100% neck support compatible and quickly adjustable to fit all body types. The low profile fit, Raceframe-inspired integrated buckle system and removable back-panel add to an impressive list of Proframe perks.


  • Low profile neck brace compatible roost deflector
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a precise fir with or without neck brace
  • Easy to use buckle system integrated into chest plate
  • Removable back plate allows rider to wear chest plate only
  • 2 position adjustable back plate for a precise fit
  • Soft Biofoam chassis against body for a comfortable fit