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READY SET GO (ANTI-CHAFE CREAM) Formulated in New Zealand by Athletes for Athletes. Ready Set Go Antichafe cream is 100% pure and not watered down to provide the best possible protection from saddle soreness. Tea Tree oil contained in the formula protects the skin from harmful bacteria. Tested, used & verified by Top Athletes - Nathan Fa'ave, Richard Ussher, Brenda Clapp, Mark Inglis & George Bennett Antichafe: Is a concentrated oil based product that provides a waterproof, friction reducing film on extrenal skin areas to reduce the effects of friction causing chafing, blisters and irritation. Additives also act as a mild antimicrobial. Ready Set Go Antichafe is 100% pure and not watered down which gives cyclists increased protection. Contents:- Petroleum jelly, Tea Tree oil, Beeswax & Oil of Melaleuca. 100% oil based Prevent saddle soreness - Apply Ready Set Go Antichafe cream Use as a lubricant, moisture barrier & mild antimicrobial Available in a 10gm sachet, 45, 90gm & 450gm pottle