1-2 days



Spectacular North Island Scenery

Pristine lakes

Welcoming local community

Coal & bricks


1 hr from Auckland Airport

20 mins from Hamilton

30 years behind


1 hr from Auckland Airport

20 mins from Hamilton

30 years behind


Easy - Intermediate

The newest of Ngā Haerenga Great Rides of New Zealand serves up remarkable North Island scenery on its way from the iconic inland town of Huntly, along the main trunk railway and straddling the Waikato River.

Huntly is known for many things; one of New Zealand’s largest power stations, its rich mining history, its beautiful lakes, the last remaining D*E*K*A sign, and now New Zealand's 24th great ride!
Travel through time as you pedal through captivating landscapes that hold stories of both ancient traditions and modern Kiwi culture. Explore heritage sites, immerse yourself in local hospitality, and connect with the soul of Aotearoa.


Hitting the Raahui Pookeka / Huntly cycle trail is easy thanks to its many access points and proximity to both Auckland and Hamilton. Out on the trails, clear signage and wide, smooth terrain means this loop is accessible for all riding abilities.

A grand tour of the trail will take 1-2 days, but with optional side trips to the many Huntly attractions, you could easily extend the trip to make the most of your time in the region. Leave the beaten track and you will find picturesque lakes, relaxing walkways, thrilling stockcars, and friendly locals.

There is so much to see and do on and near the Huntly cycle trail, including beautiful lakes, the Huntly War Memorial Hall, views of the mighty Waikato River, open cast mines, the last remaining D*E*K*A sign, and the imposing Huntly power station. There is also plenty of opportunity to taste Huntly's celebrated local flavours in the many local dining establishments.



  • This grade 1 to 2 trail is one of the easier Great Rides, with a smooth, wide surface and almost entirely flat gradient.
  • The Huntly Cycle Trail is well signposted and frequently passes small settlements and farms dotted along country roads.
  • Food and drink are available in towns dotted along the route. Nature toilets are available at convenient intervals.
  • The trail can be cycled at any time of year. Huntly's climate is moderate – warm and grey in summer, cool and grey in winter, spring and autumn are fantastic seasons to ride.

Ngā Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails Official Website

A detailed description of this Great Ride, including maps and more information, can be found here.

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