Weekend Rides - What it's like to ride the Timber Trail

Paul Gibson | Tue 11th Feb 2020 11:01

Paul, our numbers guy and his friends Pete, Regan, Steve and Nate hit the timber trail last month. They're not pro riders, just a couple of people like you and I who love hopping on bikes for the journey. We quizzed Paul about the good, the bad and the ugly:

What was the best thing about riding the trail?

A chance to get out with friends, smash out a awesome ride and enjoy a couple of drinks in between, the huge swing bridges on the first half and the old rail trails on the 2nd half were pretty spectacular

Is this the longest ride you've been on?

By a long way!

What was the accommodation like?

Really good, stayed at Timber Trail Lodge, cool atmosphere and great food and drinks.

Best piece of bike kit you took with you?

Brand new Camelbak....needed that for this trip!

Anything you forgot that would have made your experience better?

Nah we had most things and the accommodation had a few bits and pieces if you forgot anything.

How hard is the trail really? Who could ride it?

Pretty easy, most people could ride it if they take their time and can sit on a bike that long.

Any advice for other weekend warriors or casual riders out there that are thinking about tackling the journey?

Do it, just make sure you sit in the saddle for a few hours before you do it.

The number one multi day adventure ride in New Zealand, this 85 km ride traverses some of New Zealand's most diverse and fascinating environments. https://www.timbertrail.co.nz/