The Best E-Bikes to Commute On

Ben Pedley - Evo Marketing Leader | Tue 28th Apr 2020 11:14

Recently in our household, we've dropped down to one car. My partner works at a rural school so that meant I'd now have to find my own way to work. Luckily not a tall order for someone who works at Evo. Thinking about what solution would work for me I walked past our fleet of demo eBikes. ⚡⚡⚡

With a room of demo bikes in my arsenal and a ride month For February on I decided to test a few bikes. I'd take a different bike home each night or over the month and see which ones were best suited for commuting. Some turned out to be just what the doc ordered, and some... not so much. While most people getting their first electric bike will be looking for the jack of all trades, the reality is that these bikes are becoming more and more specialised rather quickly for, mountain biking, commuting, gravel or adventure riding or river trails.

I rode mostly quality offerings from Trek, Giant and Liv. I did commute for one day on a cheap off-brand bike that claimed to be a New Zealand company, not something we sell but it was there. I thought what the hell, it's cheap and focused toward city riding. But wow, you can really feel where they saved every dollar, from the feeling of the grips, the clunky gear changes and the low power despite a big max km/ph claim, I certainly preferred other options from major brands. Research and development really showed and always resulted in a better ride. 

The Best Bikes to Commute on.

  • Liv Amiti-E+ - my personal favourite option.
  • Giant Revolt-E+
  • Trek Powerfly 4/5
  • Giant Fastroad
  • Giant LaFree
  • Tuesday August Live

Not so good Commuting Options

  • Trek Powerfly 9.9
  • Giant Trance E+ Pro

These were amazing top of the line bikes in their own right but just not what I was looking for in a commuter. If you were only allowed one bike then you could certainly commute on these bikes

My Electric Bike Highlights.

  • Arrived to work fresh and with the blood pumping raring to go, but was not sweaty.
  • More likely to take the dog on longer walks, blasting along at 35km/ph he loved running next to the bike.
  • If I needed to nip out to town I could just hop on the bike when I'd normally take a car.
  • The charge lasted for ages. In the instance of the Amiti, I could commute for 4 days across Hamilton before being down to 20% Battery.
  • I haven't driven to work in over a month.

I think the coolest thing about riding an electric bike for me was the chance to get people onto one for a ride so they could understand whats it's really about and seeing their pure enjoyment when the motor kicks in for the first time. Needless to say, there's probably a few converts out there. For commuting purposes at least... I'm definitely one of them.