Introducing Radix Nutrition: Enhancing Performance Through Health

Wade Morgan | Mon 7th Jun 2021 11:19

Radix Nutrition is becoming a favourite of our customers and crew looking to save themselves time and get the most out of their training and competition with leading-edge nutrition.

When it comes to improving your performance on the bike, Radix Nutrition’s product range is designed to make world-class nutrition possible for even the busiest of riders. To do this, they have cleverly formulated a range of meals and smoothies that hit key macronutrient targets and contain all the essential micronutrients needed to live healthier, recover faster, and perform better. They also use the highest-quality whole food ingredients for maximum nutrient bioavailability and nutrient uptake. So whether you're an elite cyclist or are training for a one-off event, Radix Nutrition will enhance your performance on the bike by enabling you to eat like a pro!

Radix Meal
A quick meal post training session.

Providing Instant Nutrition For The First Time Ever

Nutrition is a crucial part of cycling performance. World Tour teams have Nutritionists and Chefs creating personalised diet plans for their riders. But for everyone else, this is out of reach. Acquiring this nutrition knowledge, precisely planning and preparing meals is complex, stressful, and time-consuming. It was understanding this problem that led to the creation of Radix Nutrition.

Founded by Mike Rudling, an ex-pro cyclist for Rapha, Mike grew up amongst elite sport. He realised early on that achieving the nutrition plans prescribed to athletes by coaches and nutritionists was often unattainable and impractical. And that often it held athletes back from achieving their goals. In fact, he quickly learned that most people aren't even getting the nutrients they need to support essential components of their health, such as immunity, gut health, body maintenance, muscle repair, and recovery, all of which are crucial for enhancing physical and cognitive performance. Worst of all, he realised most people aren't even aware of how suboptimal their nutrition truly is!

Radix was born out of the desire to give you access to the same nutrition as a top-performing pro athlete, without the expensive nutritionist and team chef. So for the first time, Radix Nutrition enables you to eat meals tailored to health and performance protocols, made from the highest-quality ingredients, with all the essential nutrients needed to thrive! And best of all, you can take it absolutely anywhere and prepare it in 5 minutes! That means zero effort and zero stress for the busiest of people living a demanding lifestyle.

Mike Rudling Radix Nutrition
Company Co-founder And CEO, Mike Rudling with Radix Nutrition products.

So How Do They Do It

Core to Radix Nutrition's success was developing a way to maintain nutrients and protect ingredients without adding preservatives. Research led to the development of Radix’s unique instant nutrition format. Utilising state-of-the-art technologies such as freeze-drying, Radix has created a unique format for delivering ultra-high quality nutrition to every athlete, no matter what they do and where they are. Radix has gained a reputation amongst elite athletes, sports teams and performers of all kinds as being a leader in applied nutrition. Giving unparalleled simplicity and nutritional quality. Today Radix provides the fastest and most efficient nutritional solution on the market.

The Whole Food Advantage

A key aspect of Radix Nutrition’s philosophy is maximising nutrient bioavailability through wholefood ingredients. This means the body is provided nutrients in their most natural form. Many different factors influence bioavailability, but the consensus amongst the scientific community is that delivering nutrients naturally, the way the human body recognises them best, is advantageous. That's why Radix Nutrition sources the highest quality natural ingredients and avoids using preservatives and flavourings that may affect nutrient absorption. Their mission is to enhance your health and performance.

Radix Nutrition Smoothie

The NEW Ultimate Post-Workout Smoothie

Radix Nutrition’s first launch from their innovative Smoothie Range - The Ultimate Post-Workout Smoothie. So much more than just a protein shake, a game-changing innovation to post-training nutrition. The formulation features a unique combination of natural, wholefood and superfood ingredients that provide the following benefits:

  • 30g Fast-absorbing protein to support muscle mass
  • 17g Carbohydrates to support rapid glycogen replenishment
  • 5g Collagen for joint protection
  • 2.5g Spirulina providing B vitamins, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, calcium, phytonutrients, and more
  • Vitamin B6, C, and magnesium for Energy metabolism
  • Vitamin B2, B6, C, folate, and magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Vitamin B6, C, and folate for Immune system support
  • Potassium and magnesium for Electrolyte rebalancing

Just like a Radix Nutrition meal, it’s world-class nutrition made instantly available to you, wherever and whenever you need it. Expertly formulated, with ultra-high quality natural ingredients. Giving your body the best quality nutrition to maximise your training results and support your health and wellbeing. Whether you’re a pro athlete or amateur fitting training around a busy schedule, Radix gives you the ability to maximise results, save time and fit more into your schedule.

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