Garmin Edge 530

Tyler Burbage | Tue 23rd Apr 2019 09:49

It's been 4 years since Garmin did a substantial update to its 500 series cycling computer, so how does the new Garmin Edge 530 stand up to the previous 520 and 520 plus.

This week Garmin have released the long awaited replacement to the much loved Edge 520, although it recieved a minor update with the Edge 520 Plus last year the new Edge 530 recieves a handful of new features for the roadie and the mountain biker but gets a nice performance boost as well. 

Whats New:

The Edge 530 will now be a go to guide for everything mountain biking, trail forks maps and data are now included with the new Garmin, with everything from trail names, upcoming forks and features in the trail. Like the Edge 520 the 530 features turn by turn navigation and like the 520 Plus it can re route you if you come off course but the massive performance jump from the 520 Plus to the 530 means that you will be re rourted faster than ever and the same can be said when you make a route at the start of the ride.

Another feature that the roadie and mountain biker will enjoy is the  new ClimbPro feature, where the Edge 530 will show you not only a breakdown of the climb remianing when your following a route or course but it will show you the remaining gradient and length, helping you to judge your effort for the remainder of the climb. 

On top of that there are the usual small improvements like a small increase in display size from 2.3" to 2.6 and a bump in battery life from 15 hours to 20, and 48 hours in battery saver mode that has trickled down from the Edge 1030. 

New MTB Features:

Until now Garmin's Edge line up was far more of a road cycling focused offering but this has changed with the Edge 530. On top of the addition of trail forks new mountain biking focused metrics and navigation features have been added. The new ForkSight feature will tell you what direction to take at an upcoming trail fork if you slow down or stop on the trails. On top of that the Edge 530 adds two key metrics named grit and flow. Grit is a measure of trail difficulty calculated with a mixture of GPS data and elevation, if two riders ride the same trail they should get the same Grit score. Flow is a measure of how well you rode the trail based off how well you hold speed. This means you can compare how well you rode the same section of trail. Finally Jumps will break down distance, airtime and speed and this will also display a notification after each jump.

New Road Features:

When it comes to road cycling one of the biggest improvements for the Edge 530 over the Edge 520 Plus is the huge increase in processing power. Garmins route calculation and also re routing if you stray off a set course is now significantly faster. This also allows you to pick a point on the Edge 530’s map and the Edge 530 will choose a route within a matter of seconds. This is made more important when you stumble off track on a pre planned route the Edge 530 can now quickly redirect you back on track. 

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