NZTA Seeking Feedback on Bicycle Registration & Road User Charges Proposal

Evo Cycles Press Release | Fri 1st Apr 2022 00:05

Like it or not, NZTA are looking to introduce a new bicycle user tax in the form of annual registrations and/or road user charges. The scheme is in the initial discovery phase and as such NZTA are seeking feedback on the proposal.

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), have reached out to Evo as a key figure in the cycling industry and asked us to help with gathering research.

They are seeking feedback on a proposed “Bicycle Registration and, Road User Charges” (BUC’s). Essentially all cyclists would need to register their bikes and pay road charges - similar to vehicle owners paying charges and fuel taxes for the upkeep of roads. The introduction of BUC’s would use that same principle to take care of NZ’s cycleways. “With the meteoric rise in the number of cyclists we see it as being a crucial aspect of being able to fund safer cycle ways for riders over the long term.”

Mountain bike trails are also set to benefit from the charges, with Waka Kotahi planning to allocate some of the funding to their upkeep. The new bike registrations and BUC’s are proposed to come into effect in early 2023. Registration is proposed to cost $80 per year and BUC’s are proposed at up to $10 per 100km.

Make sure you have your say on the link below!