Best Of Crankworx Rotorua 2020

Mullet Man | Tue 10th Mar 2020 16:02

What a week! NZ's best celebration of all things Mountain bike is over for another year :(

For us it's about getting out among the crowd and meeting some of you who have only shopped online or never seen or experienced what we're truly about. Along with the excessive deals and the huge site the crew here at Evo hope you had a chance to experience the real Evo. We're out to have fun with it, it's not just a retail job, bikes and our customers are our passion and hobby.

Evo Athletes, Crew & Friends

Not only did we have an awesome week in the expo area, the Evo crew had some epic highlights in competition. With a bunch of Evo athletes, crew and extended family landing on the podium across a range of events. Some standout results from the team below.

  • Matt Berry - 1st Giant Toa Enduro Long Course (U21)
  • Louise Kelly - 2nd Air DH & 7th Giant Toa Enduro (senior womens)
  • Reuben Bron - 2nd Dual Slope Style & 3rd Air DH (senior men's)
  • Brady Stone - 4th Giant Toa Enduro Long Course (U21)
  • Connor Field - 4th Air DH (senior men’s), 5th Giant Toa Enduro Short Course (U21)
  • Jessica Manchester - 6th Giant Toa Enduro (senior women's)
  • Jackson & Rose Green - 1st Tandem Downhill, Enduro, Air DH

Polygon UR Team

Rough, Rugged and Dusty downhill conditions gave us a true test but the menacing Polygon Xquarone was up to the task, giving us the two fastest riders of the day in sister brother duo, Tracey and Mick Hannah. Affectionately known to us as the Hammers, Tracy took the women's race by an astonishing 24 seconds!

Crankworx Rotorua was the first official team outing for new team members Joe Breeden and Dan Wolfe. Despite both having race complications, and even an off, Joe still managed 4th place! Expect amazing things to come from him this season! Check out his POV run here.

Mullets Of Evo

The mullets were out in force this year. We're out for a good time and don’t like to take things too seriously - business up front, party in the back.

Paul our CFO showed he was about more than just the numbers by getting out the clippers and shaving the mullets for some eager kids (with parental permission of course)!

Party In The Back

After a massive week we cut loose with some close industry friends along with our brand partners ilabb and Diggsss on the decks. If you ever need an out of control night in Rotorua hit the Lava bar!

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