2020 Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 - What We Ride

Hamish Roake | Mon 27th Jan 2020 10:34

Hamish is the hamilton showroom crew leader here at Evo Cycles who has spent hours finding the right bike with the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0. The propel is an aero race bike made to be the fastest and most efficient bike in the peloton.


Hamish Roake

Position at Evo

Hamilton Crew Leader

How long have you been at Evo?

Four and a half years

Tell us about yourself

I'm not your typical cyclist. I come from a weightlifting background and have transitioned into cycling as a sport. I’m a Father of soon to be 2 girls, so cycling has been a great way of getting some fitness back, and getting rid of the ol’ dad bod.

Tell us about your bike

The bike is Giants propel advanced 0. Its an aerobike with srams new AXS Etap groupset and carbon wheels. It also comes with the new Quarq force power meter and a blinging paint job.

Why do you like this bike?

I like this bike because it has all the latest tech on it, and I'm a sucker for nerdy details. Being a lot larger than the typical cyclist i tend to place a lot more emphasis on having a bike which can cheat the wind and stay nice and stiff in a sprint rather than something super light. This bike ticks all those boxes and still manages to be pretty lightweight too.

What upgrades have you made or want to make?

Some may not consider it an upgrade but i have changed the integrated cockpit out for the giant defy stem in a longer 120mm and an fsa energy alloy bar in 38cm. This allows me to go longer and narrower, and also get my preferred shape drop. The bike also has carbon bottle cages and titanium speedplay pedals for some added bling. In the future I would like to go carbon on the handlebars to absorb some of the road chatter a bit better, and save a little bit of weight.

What's your favourite ride ever?

Currently my favourite ride is any ride with the evo crew. Mostly hammering around the hills between Cambridge, Morrinsville, and Matamata. The best one so far went from cambridge out to hobbiton and back in a big circuit. It had 2 cafes along the route so it had to win. We’ve managed to get a few decent rolls in over the colder months so im looking forward to some summer epics over the next couple of months.