Wheelsmith Stainless Straight Gauge 14 Spokes (Sil

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WHEELSMITH STAINLESS STRAIGHT GAUGE S 14 SPOKES (Silver or Black) When Wheelsmith Fabrications started in 1980, they were the first company to perfect mass-production of high-quality stainless steel bicycle spokes. Now in 2014, Wheelsmith spokes continue to be the finest available. With their many years of experience, there are few techniques they haven’t tried and few situations they haven’t encountered. As a result of this vast database of wheel knowledge, Wheelsmith not only turns out an ideal spoke, but we also offer the nipples and wheelbuilding tools necessary to all who seek a better bicycle wheel. How a Wheelsmith Spoke is made

SIZE 2.0mm (14 gauge) Straight Gauge
WEIGHT 213g per 32 units
COLOUR Black, Silver
BUILD Traditional, Threadless Blank (Non-standard lengths can be cut subject to availability) Please note: ***Nipples sold separately, see catalogue entry Wheelsmith Spoke Nipples***