SRAM XX Matchmaker

Product Code: S3-10963

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MatchMaker X is a singular clamp that mounts both the brake lever and the shifter, reducing weight and redundancy, while maximizing adjustability and bar space. You can position your shifters on the bar medially/laterally as you like, and the shifter lever can be repositioned as well. You can also rotate them on the bar to put them exactly where you need them. MatchMaker X also supports the XLoc remote suspension control. It's the XX philosophy in action.


material AL 6061 T6 aluminium
colour Black
hardware Titanium TORX T25 bolts
options Shifter + brake or shifter + brake+ XLoc
adjustability Medial/lateral and rotational
mounting Ambidextrous


Material AL 6061 T6 aluminium
Hardware Titanium TORX T25 bolts
Options Shifter + brake or shifter + brake+ XLoc
Adjustability Medial/lateral and rotational
Mounting Ambidextrous