Fulcrum E-Fire 3 27.5 Wheelset

E-MTB Wheelset | Product Code: S3-21299

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This is E-Fire 3: A set of wheels for those attentive to the technological aspect of their bike, able to perceive the improvements ensured by higher quality material.

Whether you have years of Enduro experience on leg-powered bikes, see the E-MTB as a way of enjoying your great passion, or have taken your new E-MTB out dozens of times over the years and eagerly look forward to the next ride, you just know that a better bike can improve your cycling experience. And a lighter wheel can increase the life span of a battery.

A welded rim with differentiated asymmetric profile featuring an internal reinforcing laminate (in-frame) for maximum resistance, or variable profile spokes (no fewer than three different thicknesses), are just some examples: E-Fire 3 is a concentrate of technologies and refined construction details, some more obvious than others, but all of them make a difference when pedalling.

When it’s a question of gravity and daring, you need fast, solid wheels that guarantee adequate support on more difficult stretches. Wheels for E-MTB E-Fire 3 are faster, more solid and, above all, more fun. All you need to do is raise your expectations.

To create the performance and reliability standard for E-MTB wheels the Fulcrum engineers have incorporated heaps of new technology and construction methods.


tyre type Two-way fit ready (for clincher and tubeless ready)
tyre size 27.5"
discipline Trail / Enduro
astm category (3 4 weight limit 130kg)
weight 2150g
rim material aluminium
rim material details Aluminum, welded joint
rim height Front 23mm / rear 18mm
rim width 40 mm
inner rim width (channel) 35 mm
braking system Disc Brake
braking options Six bolts
front axle compatibility HH15-110 Boost
rear axle compatibility HH12-148 Boost
front wheel spokes 28, Left 14 - Right 14
rear wheel spokes 28, Left 14 - Right 14
spokes – material Inox bluing
spokes – profile Rounded, straight pull. Reinforced head
nipple Aluminium, self-lock
front hub Aluminium, Aluminium flanges
rear hub Aluminium, Aluminium flanges
bearings Sealed cartridge bearings, adjustable
others Aluminium Axle
weight limit 150kg (system)
fwb version HG11; optional, XD


Tyre Type Two-way fit ready (for clincher and tubeless ready)
Tyre size 27.5"
Discipline Trail / Enduro
ASTM CATEGORY (3 4 weight limit 130kg)
Weight 2150g
Rim material aluminium
RIM MATERIAL DETAILS Aluminum, welded joint
Rim Height Front 23mm / rear 18mm
Rim Width 40 mm
Tyre Width From 2.0" to 2.8" mm
Braking System Disc Brake
Braking Options Six bolts
FRONT WHEEL SPOKES 28, Left 14 - Right 14
REAR WHEEL SPOKES 28, Left 14 - Right 14
Spokes – Material Inox bluing
Spokes – Profile Rounded, straight pull. Reinforced head
Nipple Aluminium, self-lock
FRONT HUB Aluminium, Aluminium flanges
REAR HUB Aluminium, Aluminium flanges
Bearings Sealed cartridge bearings, adjustable
OTHERS Aluminium Axle
Weight limit 150kg (system)
FWB VERSION HG11; optional, XD