Stan's NoTubes ZTR Hugo Rim

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For fat bike riding, racing and adventuring

While their origins can be found in bikes built to tackle such legendary events as the Iditarod Trail Invitational and the Arrowhead 135, today’s fat bikes have evolved into much more than sluggish snow crawlers. With the release of the first NoTubes rims designed specifically for this emerging category there are now rims designed to push the boundaries of what a fat bike can do.

While Stan's NoTubes Hugo 52 for Plus Bikes are the first fat rims to feature the company's Bead Socket Technology (BST), the innovations don’t stop there. Hugo’s ultra-low profile sidewalls combine with its special, central raised box section to create a structurally superior fat rim that’s exceptionally light, fast-rolling, and nearly impervious to flats even when using tubes. BST means the best tubeless technology available, and the special shape of the Hugo series rims creates a superior seal, inflating easily without a tube.

The interior rim shape also spreads out the overall contact area for better strength and support, and excellent pinch flat protection. Fat bike rims with taller sidewalls and recessed centre cavities can’t touch Hugo’s added stability and tubeless performance, and those who choose to use a tube will find the profile makes pinch flats virtually impossible. The next generation of fat bike rims has finally arrived.


  • First fat bike rim to feature genuine NoTubes' tubeless technology with innovative raised centre rim profile for tubeless use
  • Rim width: 53.1mm external and 49.9mm internal for maximum tire volume and flotation
  • Compatible with “plus” and fat clincher tires when used with 27mm Yellow Tape, 35mm Valve Stem, and NoTubes Sealant


rim internal width 49.9mm
rim external width 53.1mm
rim depth 12.1mm
hole count 32-hole
rim colour Black
material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
brakes DISC only
erd 552mm (26”) / 577mm (27.5”) / 615mm (29”)
etrto 559 x 49.9 (26”) / 584 x 49.9 (27.5”) / 622 x 49.9 (29”)
iso 24.4mm
tape 27mm
valve 32mm Schrader
max spoke tension 105KgF/1030N
max pressure with 2.8" tyre 26psi
max pressure with 3.0" tyre 24psi
rim weight 690g (26”) / 720g (27.5) / 780g (29”)


Rim Internal Width 49.9mm
Rim External Width 53.1mm
Rim depth 12.1mm
HOLE COUNT 32-hole
Rim colour Black
Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
ERD 552mm (26”) / 577mm (27.5”) / 615mm (29”)
ETRTO 559 x 49.9 (26”) / 584 x 49.9 (27.5”) / 622 x 49.9 (29”)
ISO 24.4mm
Tape 27mm
VALVE 32mm Schrader
Max Spoke Tension 105KgF/1030N
Max Pressure with 2.8" Tyre 26psi
Max Pressure with 3.0" Tyre 24psi
Rim Weight 690g (26”) / 720g (27.5) / 780g (29”)