Rotor Inpower 3D+ Powermeter Crankset

Powermeter Crank | Product Code: S3-19676

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The Rotor INpower 3D+ power meter (ANT+ enabled) is the cleanest tool for gathering sophisticated power metrics whilst pedaling. With all the electronics housed in the spindle of this non-aero Crankset, the system is well protected from the elements.

The Rotor INpower 3D+ power meter allows you to record your power readings via your ANT+ head unit. Inconspicuously integrated inside the crank axle, INpower is protected from shocks, crashes and outside contaminants plus it allows you to maintain your bike’s sleek, elegant aesthetics. The battery is also located within the bottom bracket spindle.


  • Lighter, but not aero in design as the Flow MAS power meter
  • Does not use Rotor's MAS (Micro Adjust System) technology
  • Power metrics are easily sent to your ANT+ device (head unit) so you can see your results
  • Uses the OCP of the Q-Rings allowing approximately 5 degrees of chainring adjustment
  • Integrated electronics (and battery) housed within the axle making for cleaner data transfer
  • INpower uses a standard AA battery that typically lasts 300 hours when fully charged
  • INpower cranks use UBB (universal bottom bracket) and are compatible with almost every bike frame on the market
  • INpower software features different modules to optimise your cycling performance
  • INpower is compatible with all Rotor 30mm cranks


weight (110 BCD) 525g
strain gauges 4
axle 30mm (UBB (Universal Bottom Bracket))
axle material Aluminium
battery AA 1.5V (300 hours riding time)
water resistance IPX7
wireless technology ANT+ 2.4Ghz
crankarm length 170mm, 172,5mm, 175mm
data transmitted Power, Cadence, TORQUE 360, OCA, torque effectiveness (left) and pedal smoothness (left)
analysis software Trainingpeaks/ROTOR
software ROTOR INpower user software


Weight (110 BCD) 525g
Strain gauges 4
Axle 30mm (UBB (Universal Bottom Bracket))
Axle material Aluminium
Battery AA 1.5V (300 hours riding time)
Water resistance IPX7
Wireless technology ANT+ 2.4Ghz
Crankarm length 170mm, 172,5mm, 175mm
Data transmitted Power, Cadence, TORQUE 360, OCA, torque effectiveness (left) and pedal smoothness (left)
Analysis software Trainingpeaks/ROTOR
Software ROTOR INpower user software