Evo Rad Men's Shorts Blue

Product Code: EVPA-250436

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Make sure you're out there riding in style with our Rad design 90's inspired kit. bThis kit not only looks good but is also super functional featuring durable short fabrics, silicon leg grippers designed so they do not pull on your skin in an uncomfortable way and keep your shorts in place all ride long.

  • Durable Short Fabric. It’s the best out there. You can really feel the difference.
  • Pro Contour Chamois. It’s Multi-Density, Dimpled and just does the job. You have to try it and see the difference.
  • 8 Panels. We went with eight panels (8 Pieces of Fabric) as this made our kits feel like we weren’t wearing anything. Wait is that a good thing?
  • Silicon leg grippers A generous amount of vertical gripper was used on the short to keep them in place all day every day. The silicon is also injected so it is vertical to your legs meaning you don't get that uncomfortable pulling feeling on your legs.
  • Double Flatlock Stitching Throughout. Although this is common throughout shorts we wanted more durability to make sure that the shorts do not fall about so we used the strongest thread we could find.
  • Proportions that work Leg length is a beautiful balance between too long and too short. It makes your overall proportions look correct and allows for no ridding up of the short or the dreaded "basketballer" look.


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