Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc

Carbon Wheels | Product Code: S3-18758

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Road bikes are going where they’ve never gone before, are expected to do more, and are being ridden harder than ever. At the same time disc brakes are rewriting the rules of what’s possible with rim design. For this new era, the Zipp® 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset sets the new standard. With an all-new disc-specific, tubeless rim, the 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher is now internally 21mm wide and faster than ever.

Designed from the start as a tubeless rim, the 303 Firecrest features a rim bed made with internal ridges to lock the tire’s bead in place, ensuring secure performance, even when ridden at lower tire pressures. A new carbon fibre layup keeps weight low while maintaining the 303’s legendary durability. The rim’s lightweight design allows the 303 to glide up the steepest climbs while our robust 77/177D hubset, keep the wheels stiff and responsive.


  • Aero, durable, Lightweight, Tubeless
  • 77/177 hubset
  • Thru-axle compatible


  • Firecrest rim Technology provides world-class handling and stability
  • 77/177d hubset, with its best-in-class durability and improved bearing protection, all with no pre-load adjustment needed
  • Aero performance, durable and Light Weight
  • To ensure compatibility with any bike, our versatile 77/177D hubs come with swappable end caps to work with QR’s and thru-axles


weight 760g (front), 885g (rear), 1645g (set)
hub used 77D (front), 885g (rear)
hub width 100mm (front), 135mm (rear)
rim depth 45mm
max width 29.9mm
internal width 21mm
spokes Sapim® CX-Ray®
spoke Count 24
spoke pattern 2 cross
spoke length drive 272mm (front), 270mm (rear)
spoke length non-drive 270mm (front), 272mm (rear)
max tire pressure 125psi / 8.62bars
track adaptable No
dimpled surface Yes
nipples Sapim® Secure Lock
external nipples Yes
thru axle compatible Yes
tubeless Yes


Weight 760g (front), 885g (rear), 1645g (set)
Hub Used 77D (front), 885g (rear)
Hub Width 100mm (front), 135mm (rear)
Rim depth 45mm
Max Width 29.9mm
Internal Width 21mm
SPOKES Sapim® CX-Ray®
SPOKE Count 24
Spoke Pattern 2 cross
Spoke Length Drive 272mm (front), 270mm (rear)
Spoke Length Non-Drive 270mm (front), 272mm (rear)
Max Tire Pressure 125psi / 8.62bars
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface Yes
NIPPLES Sapim® Secure Lock
External Nipples Yes
Thru Axle Compatible Yes
Tubeless Yes