Inox - General Purpose Lube - 30ml, 60ml, 300ml &

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INOX MX3  The super lubricant with the MX3 anti-corrosion, anti moisture formula. Designed to displace moisture, prevent corrosion, lubricate & give long lasting protection. Inox also does not dry out or wash off with water. Great workshop tool.

  • Designed for heavy industrial use and where heavy climatic conditions prevail
  • Quickly displaces moisture
  • Penetrates the severest corrosion
  • Lubricates and provides protection from all forms of corrosion
  • Does not dry out, gum-up, become gooey or sticky or wash off with water.
  • Contains no silicone, acid, or acid forming ingredients, petroleum distillate or kerosenes.

Available in 300g aerosol or 5 Litre bottle with spray cannister and 30ml NX5 & 60mlMX3 with Injector Needles for lubricating cables