Kinder Kroozer Trike Original

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Kinder Kroozer, one of the worlds leading infant and preschool toy manufacturers now brings you a range of wheel goods built to last.

Fully backed with a manufacturers life time frame and fork warranty and 5 years on other parts, gives you the confidence that this product will stand up to the riggers of any preschool, kindergarten, day care centre or home use.

Encouraging active children to enhance their motor development, strengthen cognitive and social skills, and build confidence in themselves through play and movement. This combination of play and movement motivates children to learn and it just happens to be fun.

Kinder Kroozers represent outstanding quality. Using first-class components and proper craftsmanship in every joint to ensure that the trikes and bikes run smoothly. With one of the strongest coatings in the world, the Kinder Kroozer products are capable of resisting one of the toughest challenges: children playing every day. Because of this, a Kinder Kroozers product is a solid investment. All Kinder Kroozer products are free of phthalates, PVC, lead and chromium-6.

- UV Stable sturdy moulded plastic seat


Pedals Included Yes