Inox Cable Lubrication with Injector Needles

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INOX  MX3 is the only lubricant with anti-corrosion & anti moisture formula. Designed to displace moisture, prevent corrosion, lubricate & give long lasting protection. Inox also does not dry out or wash off with water. Great workshop tool. 30ml MX5 and 60ml MX3 with needle injectors for lubricating cables 

Designed for heavy industrial use and where heavy climatic conditions prevail Quickly displaces moisture Penetrates the severest corrosion Lubricates and provides protection from all forms of corrosion Inox is also anti moisture Does not dry out, gum-up, become gooey or wash off with water Contains no silicone, acid, or acid forming ingredients, petroleum distillate or kerosenes. MX 5 contains Teflon (PTFE)