IceToolz VeloClub High Pressure Mini Floor Pump

Floorpump | Product Code: S3-15556

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With an aluminium construction and techno-polymer handle, the VeloClub Mini Floor Pump from IceToolz manages to stay impressively light weight yet still be capable of floor pump style high pressures. The pump measures 380mm x 90mm x 35mm and weighs only 340g yet can deliver up to 140psi, that's just under 10 bar of pressure. It's compact size and weight combined with its high pressure capability make it an ideal pump for traveling or taking on holiday.

The IceToolz VeloClub Mini also features an inline gauge for making sure you are pumping up to the correct pressure and is compatible with Schrader, Presta, or Dunlop valves.


  • Lightweight at only 340g
  • Compact at only 380mm x 90mm x 35mm
  • Ideal pump for travelling
  • Capable of 140 psi/9.6 bar
  • In-line pressure gauge
  • Schrader / Presta / Dunlop valve compatible