Spank Oozy Trail 395+ Bead Bite Wheelset

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The Oozy Trail 395+ Boost wheels are super-wide and are hand built to provide superb performance for Enduro, Trail and All Mountain riding.

Plus Size Tyre Optimised

This model is optimized for plus-sized tires, providing insanely high levels of grip and rolling performance. However, these wheels are also totally compatible with a wide range of modern high-volume MTB tyres. To add to this performance, this wheelset is fully tubeless ready and features the Spank unique anti-burp hooks, which hold the tyre bead tightly in place and prevent any loss of air pressure.

Exceptional Strength

The rim internal surface features another Spank unique performance increasing feature. The internal rim surface features a corrugated profile, which provides exceptional strength, makes it super stiff and enabled Spank to make the rim wider without having to add more pressure to maintain strength.

Bead Bite

At an incredible range of pressures, Bead Bite is the solution to keeping your tires burp free and fixed in place. Bead Bite rim technology enhances tubeless use with tires of all types and with a greater range of air pressures.

Bead Bite rims have 6 rows of tiny ridges that run along the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats. These tiny teeth create air seals between the rim and tire as the bead conforms to them under air pressure.

They dramatically increase frictional forces on the tire bead, reducing the beads’ ability to move vertically or horizontally (thus improving tire stability and reducing burps). The bead literally becomes trapped between the vertical and horizontal ridges, even at very low air pressures. Even in tubed applications, Bead Bite rims tend to allow much lower air pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats.


Alloy Freehub Body Features * Alloy Internal Hub Axle * XD Freehub Compatible (Sold Separately)


* Hand Built and Trued - 3 Cross Lacing * Sandvik T302 Triple Butted 2.2/1.7/2.0 Spokes *

Alloy Nipples / Tubeless Equipped - Valves / Tape Incl.


weight * (F/R) ·2030g (27.5“) / 2100g (29“)
rims * OOZY Trail395+ BeadBite Rims / 39.5mm outer width / 28H
size Boost and Non Boost 27 & 29 "
includes Front and Rear Wheel


Weight * (F/R) ·2030g (27.5“) / 2100g (29“)
RIMS * OOZY Trail395+ BeadBite Rims / 39.5mm outer width / 28H
Size Boost and Non Boost 27 & 29 "
Includes Front and Rear Wheel