Icetoolz Bb Tapping + Head Tube Reaming & Facing Set

Product Code: S3-7616

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The IceToolz Bottom Bracket Tapping + Head Tube Reaming & Facing set gives you the right equipment to correctly ream and face Head Tubes as well as face & tap Bottom Brackets on bicycle frames.

Having a correctly reamed & faced head tube allows for the headset to be installed correctly and makes sure there is no undue pressure on the bearings from lateral movement.

Tapping bottom brackets in bicycle frames correctly is necessary to allow free and easy movement of the bottom bracket axle, cranks, and pedals.

This kit comes with the cutting tools to tap English and Italian Bottom Brackets, ream 1" or 1-1/8" Head Tubes as well as a facing cutter suitable for both Bottom Brackets and Head Tubes.

Other cutters are available for use with larger head tubes as well as specific integrated headset systems. Please Contact Us for availability.


  • Includes English & Italian BB Tapping cutters
  • Suitable for reaming/facing head tubes to fit 1" & 1-1/8" Press-Fit headsets
  • Complete set has everything required