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Shimano 2013 led up a whole new gravity series, which was designed specifically for younger riders or freeride beginners: the ZEE! Shimano ZEE is the little sister of the Saint, and the newcomer in the gravity scene. It was specifically developed to insist on extreme trails and is the ideal choice for young, aspiring drivers, scratching on the establishment and want to prove themselves in the scene. The ZEE has an appropriately young, fresh design and an ideal combination of functionality and perfect gravity-quality at an attractive price that will allow anyone to enter the gravity sports. Shimano ZEE SL-M640 Rapidfire Plus shifting lever featuring 2-Way- and Instant Release for fast and crisp shifting. I-Spec compatibility means it can be mounted on either side of the braking lever for perfect ergonomics and handling. 2-Way Release for different riding styles or shifting (indexfinger or thumb) from various riding positions. The upper lever still performs the same function, but it also swings both ways. Pull it with your finger or push it with your thumb - you choose. Instant Release allows for quicker shifts, as it instantly releases the cable when the trigger is activated.