Spank Spike Vibrocore 800 Race Bar

Reduces vibration | Product Code: MARLs-3086

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The theory behind Spank's Vibrocore Impulse and Fatigue Dampening System is simple.

Like all forms of energy, the vibrational energy that transmits through your bars to your hands is made up of waves, which can be measured in amplitude and frequency. The denser a material, the higher its ability to transmit these waves. Alloys have a high density and they transmit vibrational energy very effectively.

Vibrocore is a complex, low-density material that fills the handlebar core, reducing the frequency, amplitude and duration of energy waves travelling through the handlebar.

Not only does the Vibrocore impede the transfer of energy, but as energy waves cross material boundaries from high density to low density within the bar, they are refracted and reflected (basically bounced in different directions), reducing their ability to build on one another (resonate) or sustain vibrational frequencies.

Spank's Vibrocore system also reinforces the handlebar from the inside, making it stronger and stiffer, bringing a more responsive performance and improved sensitivity. The result is a handlebar that feels incredibly strong and rigid, and reduces impulse and vibrational fatigue.

Testing with World Cup DH racers like Mick and Tracey Hannah has shown that by reducing the "white noise" vibration from riding, Vibrocore handlebars enhance tactile sensitivity between rider, bike, and terrain. When races are won or lost by milliseconds, this can make all the difference.


Handlebar Material Alloy