BBB Cable Set (Brake) BrakeLine

Inner Cable | Product Code: MARLs-2019

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BCB-02 - BRAKELINE (BRAKE CABLE SET) High-quality teflon coated cables provides a smooth, slick and friction free operation. Sealed-in for problem free all weather performance.  Corrosion, dirt, and water resistant. The stiff sleeve, reinforced with composite strings, prevents deformation and ensures smooth and precise functioning. Your outer cable housing bends with your inner cable every time you brake or shift. Ordinary coiled-type housing cannot withstand the compression force from braking and shifting. Result: You lose braking and shifting responsiveness and precision. Not with BBB cable sets!

Consider these high-tech features:

1. Linear-type housing: Standard coiled-type housing has spaces between each coil creating compression. BBB cable sets' linear-type housing has no spaces so there is no cable compression.

2. Kevlar fibers: Reinforces the compressionless properties of the linear-type housing. Provides extra power and precise performance even under heavy use.

3. Teflon-coated inner cable: Friction-free, low-maintenance and ultra-smooth. Set Includes: 1.6mm x 2370mm inner cable. 1.6mm x 1370mm inner cable 2200mm outer cable Accessory Bag