BBB Discbrake pads BBS-35 (Magura)

Brake Pads | Product Code: MARLs-1894

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BBS-35 - DISCSTOP (ORGANIC) Depending on the type of brake (mechanical or hydraulic), BBB brake pads are made of two types of organic materials (not asbestos-free). All material mixtures are specially designed according to the type of brake. For the best braking performance and temperature resistance, use the right type of pad. In the case of replacement models, replacement springs are included. Compatible: Magura Louise series 2007/2008, Julie HP 2009 and Marta series 2009

Resin Brake Pads

  • Much quieter than metal brake pads, the Softer material allows the brake to be quieter.
  • Great for dry conditions where you don't need to worry about getting mud or water everywhere
  • Will give you more initial bite.