IXS - Flow Elbow Pad

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IXS - FLOW (ELBOW PADS) The Flow series or 'FlowContry' guards are ultra-thin and commensurately light weight guards developed specifically with trail and XC riding in mind.  Bike legend and Hall of Fame member Hans Rey was the driving force behind the design and ensured that the flow series remained light and compact enough to easily fit in any backpack. IXS guards meet EN1621-1 and/or EN162-2 European safety standard. Flow series is ideal for Trail, Enduro and XC Riding. 

FEATURES: X-MATTER™: EN approved (EN1621-1). Smart, high impact energy absorbing open cell slow rebound foam compound. Ergonomically designed pads ensure maximum protection wiht minimal volume. Highly ventilated to reduce heat build up.
ERGOFOAM: Engineered comfort fit.  Low profile and light weight design allows the body to move without hindrance. Ergono­mically optimized products provide superior protection.
AEROMESH: Engineered breathability. Anti-bac­terial and moisture wicking mesh. Lightweight, highly aerated and stretchy weave ensures optimal dexterity while combating heavy prespiration and chafing. Additio­nally the anti-bacterial treatment prevents skin irritations and odor.
SUPER LIGHT: Our super light design concept and material spec. guarantees comfort and freedom when riding and resting.
LOOPLOCK™: This unique Velcro technologie offers maxi­mum security and optimized decompression. Its integrated LoopLock™ weave allows for full flexibility and aeration and improves comfort and fit.
NOCKOUT™: Aerated and shock absorbant impact padding.
KEVLAR: Tear resistant, bulletproof Kevlar wrapping to prevent from damage. Silicone backed straps - non slip, no creep +/-270g (pair)