Nalini NanoDry Leg Warmer

Leg Warmers | Product Code: S3-13968

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Perfectly tight fitting garments, that wrap the body like a second skin, developed to ensure maximum performance.

Fabric: Cold moa warm Cold moa fabrics, thanks to their high thermal insulation and breathability, keep the body warm and dry even by extreme cold weather. Elastic yarns grant exceptional fitting and pleasant softness.

Treatments: Moa nanodry The peculiarity of this treatment consists in ensuring waterproof without affecting the fabric breathability thus overcoming the limit of the traditional waterproof garments, less suitable for a use in dry climatic conditions. Season: Full season


  • Anatomical legwarmer 
  • nanodry waterproof treatment 
  • silicone gripper at the top 
  • zip at the bottom 
  • Fit:xrace