Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubular Wheelset

Carbon Tubular Wheels | Product Code: WORR-105483

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404 TUBULAR 700R CAMP 11S BLK 404 TUBULAR 700R SRAM 11S WHT 404 TUBULAR 700R SRAM 11S BLK ZIPP 404 FIRECREST TUBULAR WHEELS The 58 mm rim profile is a classic in Zipp®’s arsenal that dates back to the early 1990s. These days, the 404 Tubular is still winning races from the Queen K to L’Alpe d’Huez. Now, with the advanced Firecrest® aero-rim shape, our leading all-around performer is an even greater threat to win any race on any terrain. The new Firecrest tubular 404 is not only faster, stiffer and more aerodynamic that it's predecessor, but also more stable and responsive, no matter what the wind is doing. There is a reason why this is the only wheel on the market ridden to victory at Kona and l'Alpe d'Huez - it has spent more time in the wind tunnel than any athlete, more than most teams. The 404 is the easiest answer to your needs, a wheel that really can do it all. The latest iteration of our 188 rear hub, the V9, along with new spoke-lacing pattern for the rear wheel - refinements that result in improved stiffness and durability. The new hub was developed in cooperation of superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish. The 188/V9 hub has larger precision Swiss steel bearings for increased durability. Our new “virtual 3 cross” lacing on both sides of rear wheel improves stiffness, achieving 3 cross stiffness in a 2 cross pattern with a new spoke geometry. The 188/V9 has 25 percent more torsional stiffness than a leading competitive hub. This measure of stiffness is crucial for the direct power transfer to the rear wheel for out-of-the saddle sprints and climbs. The new hub also is laterally (side-to-side) stiffer that its rival or predecessor. SPECIFICATIONS: Weight:  Front (640g) Rear (820g) Wheelset (1460g) Rim Width: 26.53mm Rim Depth: 58mm Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Front: 18 / Radial / 246mm Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear: 24 / Cross 252mm NDS / Radial 250mm RDS Hubs: 88/188 V9 Colour: Black or White For more indepth info & specifications see Zipps Website


Wheel Size 700c